Workshop for Company CEO / Top Management
(bizSAFE Level 1)

Course Overview

At the end of the course, participants will have a good understanding on:
WSH Act and its subsidiary regulations
Concept of bizSAFE
Importance of management commitment in cultivating a good safety culture in the workplace
Preparation and endorsement of the company WSH policy
Validity & Renewal of Workshop for CEO / Top Management (bizSAFE Level 1)

bizSAFE Level Validity Renewal Procedure
bizSAFE 1 bizSAFE status is valid for 6 month from the date of approval.
NOTE: In the event that there is a change of CEO/Top Management in the company, the new CEO/Top Management shall attend the relevant bizSAFE Level 1 workshop if he/she has not attended one before. This condition will apply regardless which bizSAFE Level (1 to Star) an enterprise is currently at.
Renewal is subjected to WSH Council approval on a case-by-case basis. Applicants are required to progress up to Level 2 and above in order to continue their bizSAFE Recognition.

Target Audience

Chief Executive Officers
Managing Directors
General Managers
Other Senior Management (Limited to top 2 tiers of the company’s management hierarchy)


Course Outline

3 hours (training hours)
Venue: Anzen Training Academy
Course materials will be provided.
Medium of Instruction is in English
Overview of WSH ACT/Subsidiary regulations/Director’s Guidelines
Introduction of bizSAFE concept/Risk Management concept/Corporate and Social Responsibilities (CSR) of companies
Top management responsibilities and the role that they play towards cultivating a good safety culture in the workplace/Business case studies.
Practical exercises in preparing a WSH policy




Workshop for Company CEO / Top Management
(bizSAFE Level 1)
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