Develop a Risk Management Implementation Plan
(bizSAFE Level 2)

Course Overview

On completion of this unit, learners will acquire the knowledge and skills to be a Risk Management
Champion for the organisation in reducing risks at source by managing the risk and management process at workplace and for recognition of bizSAFE level 2 by Workplace Safety and Health Council.
It involves developing a practical risk management implementation plan for the organisation which identify specific actions to be taken, by whom and time for their completion. It also entails formation of risk management team, risk assessment, controlling and monitoring the risks, communicating these risks to all persons involved and in compliance with the Risk Management Code of Practice.
Validity & Renewal of Risk Management Course (bizSAFE Level 2)

bizSAFE Level Validity Renewal Procedure
bizSAFE 2 bizSAFE status is valid for 1 year of approval
NOTE: In the event that there is a change to the RM champion, a new RM champion shall attend the bizSAFE Level 2 Course if he/she has not attended one before. This condition will apply regardless which bizSAFE Level (1 to Star) an enterprise is currently at.
Renewal is subjected to WSH Council approval on a case-by-case basis. Applicants are required to progress up to Level 3 and above in order to continue their bizSAFE Recognition.

Target Audience

The occupations that this unit would be relevant to include but not limited to:
Health & Safety personnel
Line Supervisors
Team Leaders
RIsk Management Champions


Course Outline

14 hours (training hours)

2 hours (written assessment)

Venue: Anzen Training Academy

Course materials will be provided.

Medium of Instruction is in English

Verify the expectations of a risk management champion with relevant person in accordance with organisational Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) policy

Form a risk management team based on organisational WSH policy and in compliance with WSH (Risk Management) Regulations requirements

Establish hazard identification methodology for the workplace to identify WSH hazards associated with any work activity or trade

Establish risk control measures methodology for the workplace to manage the identified risks to a level as low as reasonably particable by following the principles of hierarchy of control

Develop a workplace risk management plan to implement the hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk control measures in accordance with organisational WSH policy

Present the risk management plan to relevant stakeholders for consideration in accordance with organisational procedures

Communicate the identified hazard, risk evaluated, and implemented risk control measures to the person concerned in accordance with risk management plan




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